The Never Ending Rope.

This is an illustration our pastor gave us many weeks ago. I would like to share and add a bit.
He came off the platform and went to a side room, came out holding one end of a rope, walked 3/4 across the front of the stage, holding the rope.
Imagine this rope is your life. It goes back to the room, out the window and through the snow. It continues south, through the rain forest of S.A. to the Antarctic. And drops off the South Pole . And keeps going and going forever .
Where it leads is up to you. Now back with the one end I hold , I have about 1 inch of black tape , now this tape is your life here and now on this earth. What you do in this inch will determine where it leads . To an eternity in Heaven or eternity in Hell.
The choice is up to you , take Gods free gift or not. That free gift costs us nothing , but to God it cost Him , His son Jesus, to die on the cross and go to Hell for us and shed His blood. Then He rose again and is seated with His Father.
So which will you choice, a forever with our saviour JESUS CHRIST or forever in Hell.



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