My Journey back to God

In my younger days , I was involved in my church. With kids club and on the church board and enjoying what I was doing, but inside not spiritually growing.
Then on Feb. 9th 1998 at about 3:30, after coffee on the work site. I climbed the ladder and was walking along the beam, as I was looking for rips in the insulation, I walked right off the beam, fell head first to the concrete below .
Good thing my hard hat stayed on, that would be one reason I am still alive today. I right away went into a coma. They stabilized me with breathing and heart. At our small hospital they did some more then rushed me to the big city trauma hospital .
After about 4 weeks they felt that I would die or be a veggie for life . So they sent me back to our small hospital to see what would happen. Then at about week 5 I came out of the coma. Over the next 5 weeks I started to get a sense of my surroundings . All this time a nurse was watching 24/7 till about the 8 week mark and I was more stable. Then at about the 10 week point they sent me to a rehab hospital . I had to relearn everything walking , talking eating and learning . I was still pretty messed up in my brain and simple tasks was a big relearning curve.
At the 2 year mark WCB had me assessed and said I wouldn’t work again so I was put on long term disability . I got so angry with self and God. Why me? That went on for some years. Then my Christian phycologist got me to think of the things I use to like. One was kids club at our church, so I started going back to church and kids club doing games.
All along the way God kept putting Godly people in my path to help me grow closer to Him. Then we got a new pastor and we have gotten to be great friends.
If it was not for God and His servants , I would not be where I am today , 17 years later. I praise and thank Him for drawing me back to a much deeper walk with Him. So that is my journey with some pics. And I praise Him every day !!!




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