My Dear old Friend

On my journey back to God, this dear old 98yr. old friend was part of my journey too. Not long ago he past on to be with his Lord.
On my journey , when I started to go back to church , it was not regular but when I was there we made a connection .
His wife was mentally starting to need lots of care. And after the service was over , he would be the first to rise and move his wife out to avoid the commotion . But if he saw me , I would always sit at the edge of the pew next to the aisle . He ALWAYS would stop to ask how I was doing . He would never stop to chat with anyone else but me .
Wow that made a big impression on me and I thought if some day I could return the favour I would . And God gave me that chance .
He passed on to be with his King on January 14 2015 . So for a little over a year he was in a seniors home , being well taken care of by the nurses and staff there .
So every Thursday after I had delivered my eggs to town , I would stop and spend time with him and pick up 2 raisin tarts , home made from a corner store in town. They were always gone by the next week , so he must have liked them .
Over the year he went down hill health wise quite quickly . I would spent an hour with him , towards the end mostly just holding his hand while he slept . But at the start we had some good times , then it was more time of reading the Bible and praying with him . He loved to hear about Heaven , I was reading a book about Heaven so I would share some along with verses . He could not hear so I would get close to his ear to talk and pray .
In the last week , if I recall right , he started to cough and it got louder and painful for him . I was not sure what to do , call a nurse ? But I heard God say just pray , so I did and instantly the coughing was gone and he went to sleep peacefully .
He so wanted to go to his new home and be with his wife and his Lord . And I am so happy for him now . So I will need to find another to give of my time to .




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