The Goodness of God !

   Some thoughts from AW Tozer with my thoughts there as well. 

   The goodness of God, we all believe it and many expect it. But in this fallen, sinful earth, God has goodness but it also requires justice in our Holy God. There is no room for sin in His eyes. For that reason He sent His son to be the sin for us. For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

   The goodness of God is different than He being righteous or holy. Goodness implies that He is kind, cordial, benevolent, and full of good will toward men. He is tender hearted and of quick sympathy, and His unfailing attitude toward all moral beings is open, frank, and friendly. By His nature He is inclined to bestow blessedness and takes holy pleasure in the happiness of His people.

   The goodness of God is the drive behind all the blessings He daily bestows on us. God created us because He felt good in His heart and redeemed us for the same reason. So in our pure hearts and forgiven sins, we could  be a son and daughter with Him forever !!


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