An Extreme Make-over

   Have you ever seen that show where the couple hire a contractor and have a set budget, and the contractors get to work while the couple are gone. I saw a few and it is a total transformation.

   I think our God is big on that idea, from the inside , out. The ultimate extreme is us trusting in Jesus shed blood on the cross for our sin. And the only way this could be accomplished was by Christ and that great Gods love for us started before time, yet He still went ahead. ” For by grace are you saved through faith, it is a gift from God and not of works lest any man should boost.

   And along the Christians journey, there are extreme make overs as we draw closer to Him. Our outward appearance is the same but the heart and mind are conformed more to the image of Christ, which shows in our outward dealing with the saved and unsaved.

   To us some changes we see look small but to God, I feel, they are all big. Because each step draws us closer to Him and His kingdom. He has a purpose for each one, and if we allow Him to work through us then He will see our willingness to draw closer to Him and will in turn give us more opportunities or talents to serve Him in a greater way.

   The end is near, with all that is happening around us. So let’s keep striving to be God’s best and blessed.



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