The Mercy of God !

   The cross is a huge demonstration of His mercy to all man kind. And it is out free will to accept His mercy at the cross or reject it.

   We were one time enemies of the Most High, because of our wicked works, but by excepting His mercy and grace, we shall see God face to face and His name shall be on our foreheads. We who deserve total banishment shall enjoy communion; and we deserve the pains of Hell shall know the bliss of Heaven.

   Mercy is the attribute of God, an infinite and inexhaustible energy within the divine nature of God. Both the Old and the New Testament proclaim the awesome Mercy of God.

   With God , His mercy toward us is not temporary, but an attribute of God’s eternal being. And through all time from beginning of time till end of earthly time, it will remain constant for no other reason than that He is God.

   Could our failure to capture the PURE joy of the mercy consciously experienced be the result of our unbelief or our ignorance, or both? So often the case with the Isrealites through the Old Testament.

   Dear Lord draw us closer to You and show us , our thoughts . Make us pure before you as we lay ourselves bare before the Great Jehovah !! 



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