How could so great a penalty to disobedience?

   A very simple act is the best test of the spirit of obedience. In a small child it shows up very quickly, if he obeys his mothers wishes in obedience in many respects and then persists in disobeying in another matter, whether great or small, he simply reveals his true attitude by his disobedience. Our God claims to full authority. The simple act of Adam eating the forbidden fruit that God expected to be obeyed , but fully knew what Adam choice would be.

   So there was a severe penalty for his disobedience a separation from God , but in His grace He provided a way back to God. And that disobedience was death. But our all loving God already put His plan in action. Adam realized the seriousness of his penalty. It was a choice between life or death, between God and self.

   Why did Adam yield to Satan’s temptation ? Not by his appetite, but rather the ambition to be as God , the same choice that Lucifer made.

   We now have the sin nature in us , in this fallen world. But by His love and Grace , we have the choose to make or free will to accept Christ’s work on the cross for us or not, to be in Heaven forever or be Hell or the lake of fire forever. The chose is our’s to make !! 



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