God Incomprehensible part 2

   Reading a book AW Tozer and thoughts form the most high God !! The topic is so huge this is just a tip of the iceberg, we will forever keep learning more of Him for all eternity.

   And because of the fall we are extremely limited in our thoughts of the Great One. Our soul senses its origin and longs to return to its source, if we are willing and brave to venture and not content to just be saved. It should be every believers want and joy to know more of our awesome God !!

   In Christ, He says to know me is to know the Father who sent me. He shows Himself not to reason but to faith and love. Faith is an organ of knowledge , and organ of experience . God came to us as JESUS , to reconcile us to Himself, and by faith and love we enter and lay hold on Him, if we allow that.

   Richard Rolle said ; ” more than we can think; … unknowable by created things ; and can never be comprehended by us as He is to Himself . But even now our hearts begin to burn with the desire for God, she is made able to receive the uncreated light and inspired and fulfilled by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, she tastes the joys of Heaven. She transcends all visible things and raised to the sweetness of eternal life … lifted up into the love of God. ” Richard Rolle

   In approaching God, He says the seeker discovers that the divine Being dwells in obscurity , hidden behind the cloud of unknowing but be not discouraged, the cloud is between us and God, so that we may not see Him. By Gods faith can break through into His presence if we but believe the Word and press on !!

   I will have to keep going over this to fully grasp what is here. 



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