Communion or Breaking of Bread

   The early church started a good idea in Acts 20:7 it says ” and on the first day of the week… came together to break bread.

   Where did we go? It is an amazing time to have fellowship , for the cost of our salvation and reflect on His love for us. 

   In most churches it is tacted on the end of the service , with no real deep reflection on His work for us.

   Our pastor centers his whole sermon around that most beautiful plan God gave us to remember the costly price paid for us. Praise goes to Jehovah  



4 thoughts on “Communion or Breaking of Bread”

  1. Just some thoughts for you here. The breaking of the bread, showing the heart of the bread, what its component parts are made to fit jointly together. We break it into bite size pieces, a symbol of our singleness as just one part of the whole body of Christ. Then there is the blood covenant, don’t even get me start there.

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