The Word…

   The Greek has 2 words for the Word. Logos is the written Word of God. We have the Bible full of the written Word of our God. The second is Rhema and is the spoken Word of God. Rhema needs the written Word to use as it were a platform. 

   Logos is the knowledge and understanding or the generator. Then Rhema is the action to put the generator into motion. The faith and believe put action into the Word.

   We see examples in the gospels that give us a clearer picture of it. Take Luke 5:5 , Jesus gets in the boat to give His audience a better view , later He tells the men to go to the deeper water. Now these season fishermen knew going deep was not the answer, but Peter said we have toiled all night and caught nothing, but at Your Word, I will let down the net. Suddenly the miracle takes place, the net is full and 2 boats needed to haul in a full net. Peter suddenly realizes the power and him and his friends follow Jesus.

   Some other passages are Luke 8:45, Matt 8:8 9:22 and John 22:6. And other passages in the NT are Romans 10:8,9,17 Eph 2:8-10 Phil 2:12 Heb 11:2

   A few to give you an idea that there is power in the Rhema, see what else or ideas you have.



2 thoughts on “The Word…”

  1. What an amazing miracle that would have been to be part of.I like the saying ARE YOU A DISCIPLE?  We can believe but putting that belief to action is where the rubber meets the road!!


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